AetherOne Case Analysis 0001 Overweight

A young woman, 24 years, suffers from obesity. She is a sensible person, with a very nice voice. Indeed most friend who know her told me she should sing, because her voice is melodic and full.

An analysis with the radionics software AetherOnePi (installed on a Raspberry Pi) was performed. The intention was to identify her “current main problems”. For analysis I used the John Henry Clarke rate list of homeopathic remedies.

Interesting is that the General Vitality (GV) of 947 relative to the resulting analysis list can only be overstepped by one entry, Aletris Farinosa, and one direct hit (blue entry) Kousso.

Aletris Farinosa: Abortion. Anæmia. Colic. Constipation. Convulsions. Debility. Dysmenorrhœa. Dysuria. Endometritis. Fever. Hæmorrhoids. Hysteric colic. Indigestion. Leucorrhœa. Menorrhagia. Myalgia. Pregnancy, vomiting of. Sterility. Uterus, pain in; prolapse of.

Kousso: Abortion. Tapeworm.

What jumps into the sight is that both hits have “abortion” as clinical symptom. Well she is not married, but maybe she has a predisposition for abortion. But consider also the symbolic meaning of the symptom. Abortion means to be overwhelmed with responsibilities. And I know her, she eats whenever she gets frustrated. Another possibility is that the symptom refers to a future potential problem. Note that the analysis can only be interpreted if you know what the intention was and my intention which I formulated was “what is her current problem” (mental, emotional). I don’t really focus on physiological problems, therefore the result crystallizes into symbolic meanings rather than concrete body symptoms.

Other interesting entries:
Lobelia cardinalis: Disposition to sing, Desire to sing

The remedy Lobelia cardinalis represents a deeper layer and different materia medica descriptions contains the symptom “desire to sing”. And indeed she should sing, which is a creative way to express anxiety and it helps with frustration.

I broadcast both rates and repeated the analysis (only general vitality) after few minutes, in order to see if a deeper layer got exposed.

Aletris farinosa is still there, but more signatures got relevant, which means energy is in movement. Now Salix Nigra gets a higher GV and stands out. The problem of Salix nigra is masturbation. Usually young people are overwhelmed with problems and anxiety, and masturbation is sometimes the last resort to cope with it. It is problem of too many young people who has not learned to channel their energy in the right direction. I broadcast Salix Nigra (without any potency value) and repeat again a last time the analysis during the session.

Now you maybe note that Aletris Farinosa is still there, but a new candidate touch the surface, Ferrum Magneticum. The main problem of Ferrum Magneticum is Indecision, and long reflection before undertaking anything, Indolence, slowness of movement.

It cannot be considered an imponderabilia, but it the “magneticum” part is a “hidden energy”. The iron aspect of Ferrum is represented by “repeating work”, which can be boring and don’t really help the person to advance, becoming more. Whenever I see a magnetic aspect, I regard it as the desire to get unity with something greater. Ferrum magneticum is somehow stuck in it’s daily routine, unable to move on and learn something new. Indecision, unable to undertake anything … this contributes for sure to her obesity. Note also that Lobelia Cardinalis didn’t show off after 3 analysis attempts, which is exceptional, indicating a severe suppression of her own need to sing. But enough for today. I only scratched the surface of her personality. People are complex beings.

Additional note: after a few hours I repeated analysis, asking what is her inner core, on which every problem can grow their roots, but also from where her gifts arise. The result was that another remedy from the family of the Lobeliaceae arised: Lobelia dortmanna

Published by isuretpolos

Author of the book "Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy" and the open source project AetherOnePi radionics.

5 thoughts on “AetherOne Case Analysis 0001 Overweight

  1. I like your insights on iron and magetism…. lobelia with its desire to sing and its color (intense Blue) indicate an attempt to open the throat chakra which has to do with creative personal expression and throat chakra being ‘ether’ has the ‘liver gall bladder’ yin yang pair as its ‘resevoir’ organs. They have to do with ‘command’, positive self assertion (not ‘lily-livered’) and the negative pole of aggression/depression……The Ether element and throat chakra are above the four body elements, thereby facilitating the soul to ‘positively command’ and utilize the material body of 4 elements for its intentions and incarnation design… People with addictions to eating or some other – have effectively given away their personal power and become victims of lower forces and impulses… This creates a certain depression… best to sing and dance a positive intention to break out and recover personal power and command!!! I find my ether blocked clients often like to dance and sing – and this is characteristic of Carcinosin which is the miasmatic nosode representing ‘suppression/frustration’ creating blockages in the liver throat chakra dynamic – which give rise to growths… The liver is the main organ to treat to turn around unhealthy growth… (the liver itself is able to regenerate and regrow if cut to 1/3 of its size)………….
    So then the Willow family come up which represent the water chakra and disturbances in its ‘resevoir’ organs – kidney and bladder – which have to do on a positive note with being adaptable and ‘flowing’ with things – and being fearless and determined to connect with the transcendent power of ‘spirit’ to reach the goal (as water is when it flows through all pathways – toward the sea – which has long been associated with the Divine Ocean Source) Willow represents a flowing and flexible tree hanging its tresses toward the ground and water and on a negative aspect a kind of ‘lamenting’ downcast state… Therefore Edward Bach found it to be useful for resentment and ‘victim’ ir weak submissive mentality. Black willow even more so!!!
    Iron represents ‘Mars’ and a certain courageous warrior expression, prepared to take on the challenge and do the ‘work’ required – Iron people are therefore focussed, courageous and able to take ‘command’… Iron also works through the gall bladder (bile is rich in iron) giving the ‘gall’ (courage) to ‘just Do It’ as the Nike advertisement says!!!
    So my overall view is that this reading is very appropriate and significant – and once again I am very intrigued by the work you are doing and the possiblities of this creation to serve very positively in healing others on many levels!!!
    Please continue to share and as soon as I am able I will set up my own Raspberry Pi device with your help and instructions and would also be happy to teach and promote and share it with other healers in Europe and South Africa
    (… removed contact data as wished by Berkeley …)

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    1. Wow, I’m speechless! I learn a lot from you Berkeley. These are deep aspects of the case and you presented here plausible explanations.

      Her father is in a chronic state of Willow, in a “lamentic state”, cannot let go. For sure she inherited that from her father.

      And yes I will give my best to finish the work, although I sense that a major shift in consciousness will occur very soon and solve the problems we try to solve with radionics and homeopathy.


  2. I failed to comment on Alteris Farinosa whose theme is ‘collapse and weakness’… organs prolapse, including uterus and rectum, and there is great tiredness and inertia… this suggests that on a mental level this person has given up and is in a weak surrendered state of mind. In Chinese medicine this suggests that Spleen Pancreas are weak and predisposes to Diabetes.
    Aletris has vertigo from mental activity and vertigo with weakness and tiredness… and vertigo often points to not aligning with higher vertex (Spirit), not being able to ‘rise up in spirit’ as it were…
    Here is a snap of rubrics from the Complete Repertory of Von Zandvoort illustrating the state of mind of Aletris…
    I could not post this graphic unfortunately…
    Please remove my mobile number from my previous comment as I do not wish it to be shared in public

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  3. The file you are using for analysis , must have multiple entries for the same things …please check it out .

    Kind regards ,


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