Scam in the world of Radionics

Deception becomes possible when potential victims lack knowledge and trust blindly or fear to question the so called “experts” in the field. Remember dear reader, ALWAYS QUESTION and ALWAYS SCRUTINIZE … because it is your right to do this!

In Germany there was a company which sold bioresonance devices, apparently able to scan the body and analyze the health state of each organ and tissue. It came out that the interface between the computer and the device did not send any data. So what was the device good for? It was just a black box with no function at all. The software used a database with clinical historical data and made a “guess” including the age and sex of the patient. In reality the electrode which the patient should hold in his hands did not measure anything. Their function was to create an illusion of a medical device. It was sold in many pharmacies, made millions … and typically they was used to sell specific products like overly expensive supplements.

Bioresonance is nothing else than radionics, but the devices simulates medical devices in their appearance (and cost). Producer of such devices knows that the normal laymen just don’t question the real functioning of these devices. They spend their money because they have money. Frauds are people with no conscience, arrogant, egoistic, criminals, hypocrites. And their damage to radionics is worse than you can imagine. The FDA and other organisations became aggressive in attacking radionics thanks to multiple frauds from the bioresonance field. … and thanks to the lack of knowledge from so many people who just trusted the men in white coats.

A real radionics device uses for analysis phenomena like psychokinesis which informs a chaotic state deriving from a TRNG (true random number generator), or using a pendulum or stick pad. The broadcasting is performed ritually through the operator and not through a scalar wave thing which sounds overly scientific. The production of a radionics device is never so expensive that a person needs a loan to buy it. And there are no secrets … so ask questions.

How to recognize scam in the field of radionics?

First of all know the real thing and you can recognize by this all frauds easily. But what is real radionics? Knowing the history of Dr. Abrams is very helpful to have a clear concept of radionics. Some books descripe radionics as what they really are, for example “The Secret Art” and “21st Century Radionics”.

Second, if you ask questions and the answer is supposed to scare you in order to not ask more questions, then you have with a high probability a fraud in front of you. Dogmatism is typical for frauds! Arrogance is typical for frauds! Maybe a genuine radionics device maker could follow the wrong path in his research, but they don’t act like a pope on his throne.

Third, frauds use camouflage for their devices and in their language. Everything needs to look very scientific and medical. White boxes, many buttons, a logo with green letters (medical), a name which sounds so advanced, and they don’t allow you to open their devices! In describing how these devices works, they use pseudoscientific vocabulary, in order to scare people not to ask more. Quantum bla, quantum information, quantum communication, quantum here and quantum there. You will here the word quantum a lot from these people, because they know that most people associate quantum theory with the most difficult part of physics which a scientist ever could study. Quantum mechanics is easy and who study modern physics in university will learn it right from the beginning. But frauds studies their victims and they know how they react on hearing words like “quantum, experts, scientific”. Don’t believe that victims of such frauds was only laymen, even doctors of conventional medicine fell in the trap of their scam.

Radionics is a phenomena of the base of reality, a phenomena of consciousness itself. It is a spiritual art. Unfortunately this world is not ready for it. I believe that we need to wait another 100 years. Until then it will remain in the underground.

Published by isuretpolos

Author of the book "Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy" and the open source project AetherOnePi radionics.

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