Get rid of rats with radionics

I concentrate now only on the result of analysis, that I performed with the AetherOnePi software, using only the stick pad mode.

Take a look at the screenshot:

Intention: why are the rats here in this area?

Two entries in the analysis result and the area where we live have something in common: plum trees.
Plum is a fruit rats eat if there is no other food. And because it is a windfall fruit, they represent a last resort in the winter. For sure if my intention was to identify why rats are in this area, I must admit that the Clarke homeopathy list is not the best for this. But I made this analysis only for the sake of curiosity if the new stick pad mode works.

But one entry hit the point, it is Mentha Pulegium. Mint repels rats. Interesting, because I considered to plant some mint for using it as tea. This will definitely help. Radionics is an ideal tool to acquire knowledge of nature. Sure we can read books, but it is the best search engine I know so far.

Published by isuretpolos

Author of the book "Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy" and the open source project AetherOnePi radionics.

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