Radionics and the virtual Stick Pad

To be independent of any extra peripheral hardware and use only a software is a great dream of many practitioners. One problem often mentioned is that it requires time and effort to build a device, like the AetherOne for Arduino or the AetherOnePi based on the RaspberryPi. So the need for an alternative solution is there and I admit that I would rather use only a software without a device in order to just get started. Later on one could begin to add extra hardware. But radionics is a spiritual art, it requires only the mind of the operator, his (or her) focused intention. The tool does not necessarily need to be a device. The word “device” means a tool which exhibits a function, helps to focus, helps one to analyse. And here comes the biggest problem in radionics: analysis

In order to be able to analyse I used hotbits (TRNG) deriving from an external hardware. The idea to use dedicated devices and upload the hotbits to centralized server exist. But it would be helpful only for few operators, because it cause costs for maintenance and traffic. Then I got the idea to use mouse movement, specifically the x and y coordinates of the mouse. In cryptography some software use the mouse movement as an random source too. When you move your mouse over the screen, the AetherOne software is able to track the position. For this reason I wrote an extension for AetherOne, a stick pad function, which is able to provide a really good alternative to the hotbits.

Back to the roots?
Not really. The physical stick pad is different. I consider the software stick pad as a fallback method, when one just have no true random number generator at hand. Even if it is really easy to build a AetherOne device (AetherOne for Raspberry or the new AetherOnePi), it is still difficult for some practitioners to “get their hands dirty” with electronics. On the other hand the virtual stick pad works.

The next step is to broadcast only using software.

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Published by isuretpolos

Author of the book "Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy" and the open source project AetherOnePi radionics.

2 thoughts on “Radionics and the virtual Stick Pad

  1. PLEASE READ MY COMMENT ON YOUR OBESITY CASE and give me feedback – I also put that comment in Experiemental Radionics (closed FB Group)
    I like hardware also apart from intuitive sensing and selecting of remedies – but if the list is long it can be tedious… the hardware works – I am convinced from the scans of Stella and Ken Martin which I saw and analyzed in the past


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