Recurrence of entries in Radionics Analysis

In radionics analysis you will encounter the phenomenon that certain rates or signatures will recur when you repeat the analysis for the same person, organism or area. This is of significance, because a pattern in time can have a deeper meaning. For this very reason I implemented a function in AetherOne that tracks repeating occurrences and displays it in the analysis screen.

For example during a post-mortem analysis of Srinivasa Ramanujan, a famous Indian mathematician who lived from 1887 till 1920, my goal was first to identify his constitutional remedy, which was of special interest because he was such a genius. Anyway, later on I tried to analyse the root cause for his death. We know from history that he was diagnosed tuberculosis and a severe vitamin deficiency. Eventually he died of tuberculosis and dysentery.

My analysis displayed Muriaticum Acidum as a recurring remedy. While all other remedies suggested asthma and bronchitis, which means a weakness in the lungs, Muriaticum Acidum has a more complete picture of a man who suffered a lot for trying to succeed (despite he was a genius). This remedy is known for a mind full of ideas and clarity, but then also for mental weakness. When I read the materia medica I become sad for how much this man has suffered. He was born during the wrong time. Just 50 years later and he would have been treated better than a rock star.

The probability for a recurring entry after many analysis during one session is not very high and therefore a distinctive pattern. This is a perfect example why digital radionics software is of great help. To create automatic protocols facilitates the analysis and enables the operator to search in the database for specific occurrences.

Published by isuretpolos

Author of the book "Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy" and the open source project AetherOnePi radionics.

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