Recurrences of milk remedies during a radionics analysis

Mr. L (name changed) feels “forsaken“. This feeling is so severe, that he gets heart problems, strong palpitations. His doctor found nothing and sent him to the cardiologist, who also found nothing. “A healthy man!“, said the doctor.

Because Mr. L has a good knowledge about homeopathy, he repertorized his own condition and came to the conclusion that he needed Lac Vaccinum, which is nothing else than potentized cow’s milk. He took a C30/C200 double dose. After 18 hours his palpitations got better, but he felt pain in his bones, frost and nausea. He knew this symptoms: he once got nearly a septic condition due to an abscess. Now he felt exactly the same way.

Some hours later he came to visit me. He told me about his latest symptoms, but not that he took the homeopathic remedies. I proposed to make a small radionics analysis, just out of curiosity. But I made him promise to visit the doctor and make a proper blood analysis in their laboratory, because if he has again an abscess somewhere with the tendency to affect his blood, this would be really dangerous. I don’t treat humans, but just for the sake of metaphysical experimentation it is fine to perform a small radionics analysis.

I made two analysis runs. What you see in the first run are 3 hits in green. In the second run are 2 hits in green. But in both runs is one recurrence of Lac Felinum, cat’s milk. He didn’t told me about the Lac Vaccinum when he visited me, but after the analysis he look astonished to the screen. He could not believe his eyes. Mr. L is not really interested in radionics. He usually considers radionics as a little game, as a pastime, but not like a tool which helps one to achieve real results.

First run. Note the blue recurrence hit of Lac Felinum in both runs!
Second run (just two minute later, during the same analysis session).

Mr. L then pointed to one of the entries in the second run. There was the Septicaeminum nosode, attenuations made from contents of a septic abscess.

Well, I will visit my doctor tomorrow, again …“. I shook my head “No Sir, I drive you right now to the hospital, there is no time to lose!“. The doctor at the clinic made a blood test and he also suspected a beginning sepsis. Therefore the doctor gave him antibiotics. Mr. L stayed a few days in the hospital. When he came home he called me and told me that they also found an abscess in his pancreas, maybe due a chronic pancreatitis.

Looking back now to the radionics analysis protocols, guess what I found in the first run!?

Note that the rate list used has 1082 entries. A recurrence of one is at least worth a probability of one to a million (just the recurrence). And the fact that the entries in that combination and the context of the person’s condition forms a pattern and a meaning, is highly remarkable. Radionics analysis has a potential for the conventional medicine, when searching for a clue.

(Disclaimer: your health is your own responsibility. Don’t lose time with experimental radionics if you don’t feel well. Visit immediately a doctor … maybe visit him even a second and a third time if the doctor didn’t found anything at the first visit. They are humans after all. Better go straight to the hospital and tell them all your symptoms and ask for a proper blood analysis. By all the love for radionics or homeopathy, your health is very important. Just make sure that you get the best diagnosis and treatment! Take care of yourself!)

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Author of the book "Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy" and the open source project AetherOnePi radionics.

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