Albert Abrams originally set out to disprove homeopathy

Albert Abrams originally set out to disprove homeopathy, but like many true scientists, he ended up converted:

After much experimentation he found that a healthy person would percuss with the same “dullness” when a sample of diseased tissue was held against them. Abrams concluded that there was some kind of “radiation” from the tissue to which the healthy body reacted.

He believed that if the phenomenon were electronic in nature (as he thought it was) it should be possible to measure the frequency of the disease by placing a potentiometer between the pathological sample and the percussed patient and observing at which frequency the note of percussion changed.

Abrams also experimented with determining the vibratory rate of drugs. When he attempted to show his students the worthlessness of potentized remedies, he found, to his surprise, that the 3X potency showed greater strength than a tincture, and the higher the potency (he tried a 6X and a 30) the stronger the reaction.

As it was reported in the January 1923 Jottings:

“Dr. Abrams published the results of his experiments and acknowledged his belief in the homeopathic law of cure, then and not until then the wrath of the dominant school enveloped him. He has been denounced as a charlatan and fakir.”


… and here is a very interesting quote …

All of these effects are the reaction of the autonomic nervous system to the radiations of energy waves from the homeopathic remedy. In fact many of these reflexes will react before the vial is actually brought into contact with the patient.

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