Radionics analysis on effect of a potentized homeopathic remedy – Rosa canina

I analyzed my own energetic balance today and this was the result:

Rosa canina has the biggest hit. I know this remedy, because during the last two years I tooked it a few times. It is a remedy against depression.

Now after some time it reappeared in the analysis and I was curious what would happen if I took a classic preparation of Rosa canina C200, the normal dosage created by a machine and partially by hand and sold in pharmacy.

After 15 minutes:

What changes is the general vitality of me from 892 to 925, only one remedy over 1000 gv and the distance between the general vitality and the top remedy from 344 to 150 after only 15 minutes. You can calculate this for example by subtracting the general vitality of 892 from 1236 of Rosa canina. Subjectively I feel a flow of warm energy inside my ears, which is a good sign from the point of view of traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture. The ears are connected to the kidneys in TCM.

I repeated the analysis after 30 minutes:

The distance between general vitality and top remedy shortened again, this time not so much as after the first 15 minutes, to just 139. Observe how there is just one top remedy. No other remedy is over my new general vitality of 941! This is odd and particular for a potentised strong homeopathic remedy. I bought this one for example from, but you can a similar result with almost every other classic homeopathic remedy. Radionics broadcasting would have worked too, but it is a lot weaker. When I have the remedy at hand and the analysis shows a “good hit”, then I chose the classic potency instead of a broadcasting session.

Tell us your experience! Please share, so we can learn more about radionics analysis and homeopathic phenomena.

Published by isuretpolos

Author of the book "Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy" and the open source project AetherOnePi radionics.

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