I killed Ken Martin

2015 was a special year for me when I started to experiment with radionics. I thought I was entering dreamland, where reality and dream blended into each other. And it still feels dreamlike, maybe because this is indeed the nature of reality, the pre-physical state, the energetic realm, where thoughts and intentions rule, until some of these entities eventually collapse to something we know as particles.

The first radionics device I builted (the AetherFlux) was a precursor of the AetherOne. It was a Arduino Mega incorporated into an enclosure with a set of scalar waves antennas, a complex wiring, crystals and orgonite. This device is still working. Yet the software is difficult to maintain and adding feature was almost impossible, because it was a prototype of a prototype. So I decided to make a new one and open source it.

Before I did that a friend of mine invited me to join facebook, because he was eager to show me his work in web and logo design. I hate facebook and I would never use my real name in such a social network. So I thought I can use a kind of pseudonym and registered my account under the name of “Ken Martin”. Most of my real friends indeed knew me back then also under this name in facebook, added me as a friend and they was cool that I used another name in FB.

At a certain point during 2017 I was curious about the radionics groups in FB and joined a few one. I posted in one group some screenshots of my new software and photos of the device. Shortly after that a member of the group contacted me, Stella. She revealed to be a person with a great interest in an open source radionics too and in collaboration with her the AetherOne project advanced very fast to a more mature project. She delivered ideas on daily basis and I tried my best to implement every new feature as fast as possible. Then I created a dedicated facebook group and many people joined. Since then the AetherOne is build by many as a “do-it-yourself” at home or some build the device for others. I have seen videos and documentaries about the project on the web. Now I can say it has a own life, a own personality.

But life can be sometimes more difficult than one can tolerate. I must admit that I had for long time suffered under a form of depression. During the darker periods of my depression I sometimes threw away my entire library of books (worth thousands of dollars). Well, it is better to throw out my books then my own life. My books was an extension of myself, so it was a kind of self-harming. The same happened to my alter ego Ken Martin. From a certain point on, my depression took hold of me so tightly that I had no other choice but to sacrifice something of myself again. 2018 Ken, his AetherOne, his repositories and his facebook account became the victim of my dark emotions. I deleted (almost) everything, destroyed my AetherOne devices at home, cancelled my facebook account and vanished for a few weeks.

If you know what a deep depression feels like, you will not blame me for what I did. When I eventually regained again enough strength and the depression lifted a bit, I tried to reactivate my account on FaceBook. I was sorry to learn that a lot of people reacted with anger instead of comprehension. Ok, facebook is not known as a network of mature people, so this should not have been a surprise for me. And I was not aware that facebook deletes all your entries if you delete your account. It was not my intention to delete conversations and informations about the AetherOne (else I could have deleted the entire AetherOne group). People who knew me well enough in the group (and who received from me administration rights for the group before I left) did even react with suspicion, incomprehension, … so I was not willed to spend more of my energy in that and left completely. Again, I deleted the Ken Martin account and abandoned Ken in the oblivion.

Now you know who Ken Martin was (is). The AetherOne project is still alive (including all variants). And I am still alive.

Repository for all new developments for and around the AetherOne(Pi) or AetherElements: https://github.com/isuretpolos

A new group for open source radionics is here: https://vk.com/aetherone (and don’t say “oh no, vk is on a russian server, I do not trust russians, you rassists! 😉 )

Published by isuretpolos

Author of the book "Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy" and the open source project AetherOnePi radionics.

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