Jan Scholten on Radionics

Quotes from Hpathy.com, an interview done by David Nortman. I admire Jan Scholten for his clear and honest thoughts regarding radionics. J:  There are also people who use radionics, things like that. And sometimes it would be easy for me because I want to prescribe sometimes remedies that I cannot get, and then with radionicsContinue reading “Jan Scholten on Radionics”

Triple-blind proving of a radionically prepared remedy

I have read a lot of double blind studies for proving homeopathic remedies, but never one where the remedy was made with a radionics device. Joanna Lin published her paper with 150 pages detailed description, from her research till execution and analysis. She indeed proved that a remedy made with a Rae Potency Simulator isContinue reading “Triple-blind proving of a radionically prepared remedy”

How to scan an area with radionics

I have seen this done with dowsing techniques and with radionics. The operator has a map and draws the outline of the area he wants to scan. Some use just a “quadrant”, then they don’t need to paint over the map. But we have today sophisticated software for free, like for example Google Maps orContinue reading “How to scan an area with radionics”

Radionics Area Scans – Sardinia

Today I was in the mood to scan big areas like entire countries or islands. Each area has some really interesting patterns, definitely they influence the people who live there. Click on the image for a bigge size. Sardinia is a island in the Mediterranean Sea and the second-largest island of Italy. Sardinia shares withContinue reading “Radionics Area Scans – Sardinia”

The Fungi Personality

Since Hahnemann discovered the principles of homeopathy, we observed the appearance of remedies in order of necessity. First the psorics, then sykosis and syphilitics, according to the miasma theory. Theses groups provided the help for the health problems 200 years ago. Other remedies were later discovered and therapists noticed that these new remedies was comingContinue reading “The Fungi Personality”

Global fear against an invisible entity

Time seems to run faster during the last weeks. I’m working currently at home, connecting every morning remotely to our servers and programming the usual stuff for our company. Everyone is at home. The topic number one is a common cold virus known as corona or covid. It was already known in the 1960s, asContinue reading “Global fear against an invisible entity”

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