AetherOne Case Analysis 0002 Human trafficking

Human trafficking is the trade of humans for the purpose of forced labour, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others. I analysed with radionics an area known for sexual slavery. Another word commonly used is prostitution, but in exactly this place there was a scandal where real human trafficking was involved.Continue reading “AetherOne Case Analysis 0002 Human trafficking”

AetherOne Case Analysis 0001 Overweight

A young woman, 24 years, suffers from obesity. She is a sensible person, with a very nice voice. Indeed most friend who know her told me she should sing, because her voice is melodic and full. An analysis with the radionics software AetherOnePi (installed on a Raspberry Pi) was performed. The intention was to identifyContinue reading “AetherOne Case Analysis 0001 Overweight”

Imponderabilia, homeopathy and radionics

If radionics would be an academic discipline, I would start my first lesson with this title “Imponderabilia, homeopathy and radionics“, because it explains everything and gives you a good kickstart into the subject matter. Then I would go over and explain how bach flowers and flower essences relates to imponderabilia. Comparing the preparation method ofContinue reading “Imponderabilia, homeopathy and radionics”

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