Abstract or symbolic

Radionics works on the so-called “pre-physical level” or, as some authors like to say, “even on the pre-pre-physical level”. In the vocabulary of many people who are familiar with alternative medicine, there are words such as “subtle”. The “unword” quantum level (that is, unword because it is misused so often without knowing exactly what itContinue reading “Abstract or symbolic”

I killed Ken Martin

2015 was a special year for me when I started to experiment with radionics. I thought I was entering dreamland, where reality and dream blended into each other. And it still feels dreamlike, maybe because this is indeed the nature of reality, the pre-physical state, the energetic realm, where thoughts and intentions rule, until someContinue reading “I killed Ken Martin”

Does it make sense?

Radionics analysis (include also the pendulum if you wish) works with our consciousness, transcending the operators individual mind, connecting to a vast huge invisible field of information. But here comes the clue to success in radionics analysis: the question you formulate in your mind when searching for an answer requires one essential element. If theContinue reading “Does it make sense?”

New Feature for the AetherOnePi UI: Check the level where a rate will work

A small but significant new feature shows you the level at which the rate (or in this example the homeopathic remedy) will act on. From 1 physical to 12 spiritual. Thanks to Allan Moffatt for suggesting this feature. The new version of AetherOnePi can be download here: https://github.com/isuretpolos/AetherOnePi/actions/runs/439973726

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