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My theory on the Mandela effect

If you don’t know what the “Mandela effect” is, go research it, watch youtube videos and then come back.

This one is a good example:

If you combine the theories of “time does not exist and is only generated by our collective consciousness” and that our reality is a “fractal or hologram“, then you get a glimpse of why the Mandela effect occurs.

That time is an illusion is hypothesized by many researcher in the field of quantum mechanics.

Example: Quantum Zeno Effect and the Burning Bush

So in reality there is no “linear time” as many imagine it, but an emergent phenomena from the quantum field after observation collapses the many possibilities to just one outcome.

And then the fractal theory of our existence is another important piece of the puzzle. Everything is connected to everything. As in a hologram, the single individual piece contains the whole universe in it. Strange? But think about it, we use radionics for analyzing energetic imbalances even if the target is far away. This is done with the help of our intention, the focus of our mind, and well yes with the help of the thoughtform bound to the device (or software) which is the invisible and immaterial counterpart of the radionics device. We can connect to remote targets because of the interconnection and fractal nature of our existence.

So what really happens when time flows?
By our will, our free will, we change reality. This happens with the consensus of the entire collective consciousness (or collective subconsciousness). Every second, every millisecond, even every zeptosecond, passes only if the entire collective evaluates the new state of the entire fractal. Then everything changes according to the new decision made. A fractal is a self-similar construct that can be described with a simple mathematical formula. In the case of this example, our fractal nature is not that simple. It consists of all individuals thoughts, experiences, desires, and so on. When just one individual thinks to make a change, to drink coffee instead of tea, this single thought changes the entire universe. The one fractal becomes an entirely new one, with a new base formula.

The Mandela effect changes the past, but not our memory of the past. At least not the memory of every single individual. I call this the “Witness effect” in the context of the Mandela effect. There are witnesses of another past, they are sure that single details was different. The Mandela effect will never have 100% of the humanity as witnesses, this is the premise of my theory. Because else the Mandela effect would never occur. The entire fractal will not change if not enough individuals give their consensus to it. And the fact that we notice a Mandela effect, an alternative past, is because “something or someone” (individuals, a group of individuals) used a lot of energy to change the past.

Who changes the past?
Is this a form of magical manipulation? Or is our reality becoming unstable with time? Is the Mandela effect a natural occurrence of our collective being?

In the Bible in Revelation chapter 7 we can read the following phrase:
four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding tight the four winds of the earth

This is an important information: supreme beings, invisible, immaterial, spirits, angels, who are strong enough to hold tight the “four winds of the earth” for a specific period of time. These winds of destruction are the “winds of the earth” (earth is symbolic for the entire human organizations). You know the saying “sow the wind, reap the whirlwind“? What these angels are doing is to withhold back the consequences of the bad decisions made of thousands of human leaders, in order to protect the “slaves of our God” until they are all “sealed“. The word “sealed” means there is something inside their mind and heart that requires a final decision with eternal consequences, something the only God can see and then approve. After that occurs, the angels at the four corners of the earth will unleash the winds of destruction and finally whatever bad things the leaders of this world have sowed they will also reap, which means the end of this world and the beginning of a new world.

All this remembers me of the movie “The Adjustment Bureau“, based on the 1954 Philip K. Dick short story. Well Philip K. Dick was a bit of paranoiac, but exactly this attitude made him question the nature of reality. The film tells the story of a United States congressman who discovers that what appear to be chance events in his life are controlled by a mysterious, powerful group.

Free will?
Is the Mandela effect a manipulation of the free will? I don’t think so. Apparently a small part of our past is reset and a new opportunity to reshape reality arise, one that prevents certain bad thinks to occur. But it does not change the big picture of history, only small details. There seems to be many small changes and just a few bigger ones. For example there will never be a Mandela effect on Hitler not starting World War 2 or the invention of the internet. Small details like the spelling of a movie title is not a big change, but it can be the a side effect of someone (a group of people) changing his mind on a specific topic, which then again changes part of the history, like a ripple in time moving backwards. This movement of the ripple happens inside our collective consciousness, inside the fractal or hologram.

I also believe that healing is a very similar effect as the Mandela effect. Radionics and similar techniques like homeopathy changes not only the part, but also the whole. When taking a high potency of a homeopathic remedy, synchronistic events occurs. Synchronicity is a time phenomena as Mandela is too and both a related to the collective nature of our consciousness.

We can expect that a global healing by divine intervention will occur and this will for sure produce a lot more of Mandela effects. When this will happen we will maybe have new words to describe the phenomena. And yes, watch the movie “Arrival”, which contains a similar topic.

Let me know what you think!


Hyoscyamus and Jealousy

Plant remedies from the family of the Solanaceae tends towards crazy jealousy. It seems to be a form of fear of being alone (especially Stramonium fears the dark and being left alone). Indeed this fear is irrational and it is able to override rational thinking, driving a person crazy.

A friend asked me if I can help him to get rid of his jealousy. I made a radionics analysis and the result of the first scan are shown in the screenshot below:

What came out is a small bug, Doryphora decemlineata, known also as the Colorado Beetle or simply the Potato Bug.

These small insects eats plants of the Solanaceae family (potatos are solanaceae) and Clarke writes “as the beetle partakes of the properties of the plants it infests”.

Another interesting subtle resonance is Lithium. Most Solanaceae plants are rich in Lithium. “Li salts have been used in psychiatry for over 50 years, mainly to moderate mood swings” (source PubMed Central).

When you encounter an insect during your analysis that mainly eats plants of the Solanaceae family and Lithium, an element that is found in greater amount in these plants, then you know that you are pointed in a certain direction. Obviously you need to know these aspects in order that the symbolic language of your analysis makes sense. For sure another person with a different knowledge will receive other rates that he or she understands.

From all Solanaceae plants Hyoscyamus is the most jealous one.

Clarke materia medica about Hyoscyamus mentions two symptoms regarding jealousy:

─Jealousy; with rage and delirium.
─Unfortunate love with jealousy, with rage and incoherent speech.

The root source of the jealousy is the strong fear of being left alone.

Qjure says about the subfamily Atropoideae:
“The theme of violence and being expelled is combined with the mania of Lithium.”

And about Hyoscyamus Qjure says:
“Ailments from unfortunate love; partner is unfaithful; jealousy, fright, emotions.
Very suspicious, paranoid.”

Someone who is totally new in radionics would now ask “Which rate would you use for broadcasting?” My answer is simply write the name of the remedy on a piece of paper and put it into the in-well of your device and the name of the target into the out-well. Why complicate your life with special rates of frequencies? Your consciousness establish the link.

Hyoscyamus C200 helped to dissolve the problem of the jealousy in just two weeks.

Marty Lucas Interview | Every Advantage | Radionics Instruments | The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast

Marty Lucas shares how he uses radionics in agriculture, animals, and nutrition, and specifically micronutrients. Through his research, he found that there were some things that modern nutrition didn’t take care of, but homeopathy did. This eventually lead Marty to learn more about radionics. Radionics instruments can capture similar frequencies as dowsing, reiki, and energy healing.

New Version AetherOnePi v1.2.7 with Resonance Protocol Dialog

A new feature, or improvement of an old feature, the resonance protocol dialog.

Resonance List shows each resonance occurred over an period of time

When a rate is “broadcasted“, it will begin to resonate (or not). This is an important event and the operator can extract more information regarding the effectiveness of the balancing of energies. Also you can identify the most effective rate.

Download for free the AetherOnePi version 1.2.7 open source radionics software from Github.

The Big Misconception About Electricity

The misconception is that electrons carry potential energy around a complete conducting loop, transferring their energy to the load.

How does this relate to radionics? There are thousands of misconceptions, especially inside the materialistic framework. At the moment that you get at the borders of materialism, let’s say you begin to investigate the immaterial aspects of our universe, the magnetic fields (and they are naturally bound to electromagnetism), then you find this kind of misconceptions, or even paradoxes like the quantum zeno paradox.

Similar in radionics people tend to believe that there are some sort of quantum entanglement going on. Wrong! Or some sort of scalar waves … again wrong! It’s our consciousness that makes it work.

Symbolic Devices talk by Mark Pilkington

The audio becomes better after some minutes!

“If, as Arthur C Clarke famously observed, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, then can we accept that any sufficiently advanced magic is also indistinguishable from technology?”

In this illustrated presentation, Mark Pilkington presents a historical overview of psychotronic devices – the radiant collision point of witchcraft, art and technology. Psychotronic devices fuse aspects of vitalism, electromagnetic field theory and psychic sciences like telepathy, psychometry and dowsing. From an orthodox materialist perspective they are cargo cult technology, a fantasy of science. But it is too simple to reject all psionic devices out of hand as deceptions or slight-of-mind; Instead, we can perhaps best understand them as technological adaptations of ancient, sympathetic magical practices, a magic that feeds on, and is fuelled by, the conviction of both the practitioner and the subject. Mark will look the development of psychotronic technologies from the 19th century to the present, a journey that incorporates experimental medicines, science fiction fandom and some of the world’s most prestigious art galleries.

AetherOnePi v1.2.4 scanning area and new feature (WebCam for Hotbits)

This new feature allows you to use your webcam to collect “Hotbits” directly inside AetherOnePi. The newest version can be downloaded here:

Revisiting my own video I notice that there are 2 snake remedies in the analysis of the area.

Yesterday I pushed a new version to Github, which can be downloaded from the usual action tab (beta version), see this video for how to download it. It contains an improvement Allan from VK suggested.

If you download the beta version and unzip it in different folders, let’s say folder 1 to 4 as you can see in the screenshot, then the title of the AetherOnePi Gui will contain the name of the folder. (Except if the name contains “aether” as part of the name)

This is a great help to use multiple instances.

Now with the new feature which includes the WebCam collection directly inside the AetherOnePi, you can use multiple instances for radionics analysis with true random numbers.

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