Levels of Paradigms

Our worldview matters, more than just materialism. Here is a list of different worldviews, beginning with the lower ones. Consider it a “work in progress“. It may change over time.

The absolute skeptic of everything, the denier of truth, facts and logic reasoning, the depressive philosopher who refuse responsibility. The cuss word “bullshit” is what comes out of his mouth and he will attack every kind of theory, especially what is higher than materialism. Arrogance is his shield, anger his basic attitude. He will attack your worldview and from his standpoint you need to prove that your theory is correct, but he will never accept any proof. He himself is lazy and in reality not even interested in science. After a short time of intense attacks he will crawl back in his cage and lament about his miserable life and how unfair society is.

The main motto is: you cannot prove anything. Not even nihilism.

Scientism is a subgenre of this worldview. Atomism is the brother. They claim that they can explain everything with their limited worldview based on particles. The universe is a clockwork, deterministic, calculable. They claim that everything began with a Big Bang, out of nothing, and everything will end in the highest chaos imaginable, in a entropy soup of useless information. Even the rotation of the earth is compared to a wind up car, once set in motion it will rotate until it lose its energy. Everything tends towards entropy. Electromagnetism is just a byproduct of particle interactions and not regarded as important in their cosmology. Gravity is their god, matter their mother. Strange phenomena is ignored, nonlocality is ignored, quantum mechanics is wrong. They don’t bother to explain consciousness, because for them consciousness is just an epiphenomena of the brain chemistry. You don’t need to accept too much responsibility, because evolution explains why you behave like an animal.

Duality and Panpsychism
There seems to be an energy which is subtler than the known forces of classic physics and somehow this energy gives life to the dead matter. Morphic resonance begins here. Nonlocality is accepted and important. John Carew Eccles based some of his philosophical ideas on it. The brain interacts with an invisible mind, which alters random processes of neurons. The interaction is dualistic in its nature. The strange nature of time is not explored in the dualistic paradigm, just considered as an time arrow similar as in classical physics. According to Kastrup duality and panpsychism are “basically extensions of materialism” (Upgrades? Like the upgrade of Windows 95 to 98? Still sold in 3,5″ floppy disks format).

Quantum mechanics
Nonlocality begins here. David Bohm’s theory of implicate and explicate order explains that the two phenomena, mind and matter, are both two sides of the same coin. Entanglement requires nonlocality, action at a distance, in real time. Probability is important, nondeterministic as long as the state is not observed. The mind of the observers and the observed becomes one. Entanglement. Retrocausality. PSI and mind over matter is considered as a probably real phenomena. Consciousness plays an important role. Most radionics device manufacturers claim that qm is involved during analysis and broadcasting. Homeopathy and water memory is apparently linked to the entanglement phenomena.

Holographic theory
The holographic theory is an analogy for quantum phenomena, explaining nonlocality and entanglement.

Scalar wave theory
Very similar to quantum mechanics. Indeed it has many similarities, like potential probability, nonlocality, entanglement by resonance. Although it is based more on electricity phenomena (antenna and broadcaster). DNA is a fractal dynamic antenna.

String theory
Here we leave every notion of matter and enters the realm of the immaterial based on a complex mathematical model. Who still believe that atoms are real does not understand string theory.

Now, if you have reached this point, idealism considers consciousness as the base of physical reality. There are different interpretations, but they have all in common that space and time are generated by the mind in order to communicate. Every single mind is able to create his own reality, which is just fuzzy and unstable. Physical reality is considered a collaborative project.

Our entire universe is biological, from the smallest particles till to the super-cluster. Consciousness is the base of reality and physical reality is stable because consciousness renders it stable and balanced. Life is not a phenomena, but a precondition.

The word “paradigm” is just a word. One begins to feel that this reality is an illusion and that the one Consciousness is eternal. Normally every child has the tendency towards transcendence and feels intuitively what is behind physical reality, but this is unlearned once they participate with the “adults” in creating “reality“. Unlearning the classic model is very difficult, because it is bound to social norms. Therefore transcending as an adult is perceived by others as crazy or mentally unstable. Knowledge is gained by gnosis.

This word is misused by the yoga and new age industry, sold like junk food spirituality. Real enlightenment will not transform a human being into a god nor into a monk or guru. Enlightenment is when our own worldview becomes more and more similar to the truth, resonating with spiritual principles. There is not only understanding involved, but also actions.

Pure spirituality
I regard this as the final goal, when one is not attached to material things, although one is able to enjoy good food and solid work. The mind is prone to take in consideration all sort of spiritual truths and awareness for the own individual responsibility is very keen. We have a responsibility towards our creator and our neighbor. Nobody should misuse his personal power or authority. Talking the truth is essential. Eternity is real. Our universe, solar system, our planet, was created for an eternal purpose.


The dawn of a post-materialist academic worldview, by Bernardo Kastrup

Flexner Report

The Flexner Report is a book-length landmark report of medical education in the United States and Canada, written by Abraham Flexner and published in 1910 under the aegis of the Carnegie Foundation. Many aspects of the present-day American medical profession stem from the Flexner Report and its aftermath.

Radionics “Remedy Maker” with Arduino Micro-controller and Processing Software

The source-code can be downloaded from the Github project https://github.com/isuretpolos/RadionicsProtocol.

Take a look at the LED definition. You need one for the coil and five for the LEDs. The coil is better combined with a LED, so you can visually determine if it works.

The project is a work in progress. Stayed tuned for more updates.

Ward Wilson: The Myth of Hiroshima

Description of the video:
Historians have long debated the moral legitimacy of the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the Second World War. But Ward Wilson, Author of “Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons,” Senior Fellow at BASIC, and Director of the Rethinking Nuclear Weapons Project, argues the Bomb didn’t force Japan to surrender, and that almost 70 years of nuclear weapons policy has been based on a myth.

Now my questions:
How many other things are based on myths?
What else represents the base of our social structure which is in reality just a myth or an illusion?
And what would happen if the understanding and the insight of it spreads to the masses?

Albert Abrams originally set out to disprove homeopathy

Albert Abrams originally set out to disprove homeopathy, but like many true scientists, he ended up converted:

After much experimentation he found that a healthy person would percuss with the same “dullness” when a sample of diseased tissue was held against them. Abrams concluded that there was some kind of “radiation” from the tissue to which the healthy body reacted.

He believed that if the phenomenon were electronic in nature (as he thought it was) it should be possible to measure the frequency of the disease by placing a potentiometer between the pathological sample and the percussed patient and observing at which frequency the note of percussion changed.

Abrams also experimented with determining the vibratory rate of drugs. When he attempted to show his students the worthlessness of potentized remedies, he found, to his surprise, that the 3X potency showed greater strength than a tincture, and the higher the potency (he tried a 6X and a 30) the stronger the reaction.

As it was reported in the January 1923 Jottings:

“Dr. Abrams published the results of his experiments and acknowledged his belief in the homeopathic law of cure, then and not until then the wrath of the dominant school enveloped him. He has been denounced as a charlatan and fakir.”

Source: https://www.sueyounghistories.com/2008-10-19-albert-abrams-1863-e28093-1924/

… and here is a very interesting quote …

All of these effects are the reaction of the autonomic nervous system to the radiations of energy waves from the homeopathic remedy. In fact many of these reflexes will react before the vial is actually brought into contact with the patient.

Measuring Global Consciousness?

In digital radionics we already use TRNGs and from experience the synchronistic meaning is way higher than just measuring a slight deviations. The “meaning” of a result from radionics analysis is profound and reveals a higher order than just a deviation from normal distribution. But it is indeed interesting that global events are able to deviate the outcome.

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