Does it make sense?

Radionics analysis (include also the pendulum if you wish) works with our consciousness, transcending the operators individual mind, connecting to a vast huge invisible field of information. But here comes the clue to success in radionics analysis: the question you formulate in your mind when searching for an answer requires one essential element. If theContinue reading “Does it make sense?”

Randomness and religion

Einstein once said “God does not play with dice“. This is a typical motto of an materialist scientist. They deny the potentiality for free will. Indeed materialists are all about determinism. If they hear you talking about randomness, they try to convince you that randomness does not exist. Sounds strange, right? In Wikipedia you canContinue reading “Randomness and religion”

Levels of Paradigms

Our worldview matters, more than just materialism. Here is a list of different worldviews, beginning with the lower ones. Consider it a “work in progress“. It may change over time. NihilismThe absolute skeptic of everything, the denier of truth, facts and logic reasoning, the depressive philosopher who refuse responsibility. The cuss word “bullshit” is whatContinue reading “Levels of Paradigms”

The secret radionics practitioners

Dowsing, radiesthesia and radionics are tools which are used by millions in different areas, not only in alternative medicine. You cannot even imagine how often this technique is used in military or by engineers. It is a untold truth, something you will maybe only come across when you enter the chamber of the elite orContinue reading “The secret radionics practitioners”

Jan Scholten on Radionics

Quotes from, an interview done by David Nortman. I admire Jan Scholten for his clear and honest thoughts regarding radionics. J:  There are also people who use radionics, things like that. And sometimes it would be easy for me because I want to prescribe sometimes remedies that I cannot get, and then with radionicsContinue reading “Jan Scholten on Radionics”

Are we all interconnected?

What is interconnection?A human being is made of smaller biological units, which we call organs. The name organ derives from organisation, a group of cells which are organized in a way to perform a specialized function. In essence we are organized cells, all of them working in harmony for performing different tasks. Now how exactlyContinue reading “Are we all interconnected?”

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