Measuring Global Consciousness?

In digital radionics we already use TRNGs and from experience the synchronistic meaning is way higher than just measuring a slight deviations. The “meaning” of a result from radionics analysis is profound and reveals a higher order than just a deviation from normal distribution. But it is indeed interesting that global events are able toContinue reading “Measuring Global Consciousness?”

Princeton Mind Matter Interaction Research

A very brief synopsis of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory of Princeton University, whose research into mind-matter interaction forms the foundation of Psyleron Technology. Watch interviews with key PEAR lab staff, as they explain their experiments, including random event generators, their findings, and finally some of their implications. See also:– True Random Number Generator

Hotbits from WebCam for the AetherOnePi

The latest version of the AetherOnePi contains a processing application which allows you to collect hotbits (TRNG) directly from your webcam. When you unzip the packages you will see a new processing folder. Inside there is a processing application which can be opened by doubleclicking if you have Processing installed. When you start the programContinue reading “Hotbits from WebCam for the AetherOnePi”

Radionics and the virtual Stick Pad

To be independent of any extra peripheral hardware and use only a software is a great dream of many practitioners. One problem often mentioned is that it requires time and effort to build a device, like the AetherOne for Arduino or the AetherOnePi based on the RaspberryPi. So the need for an alternative solution isContinue reading “Radionics and the virtual Stick Pad”

Psychokinesis, TRNG and the silent observer

The mind alters chaotic random states and informs order and meaning. In radionics this is used for analysis, replacing the stick pad or the pendulum. Until the true random numbers are observed, they remain in an undetermined state, where a bit is 1 and 0 at the same time. Only after being observed they collapseContinue reading “Psychokinesis, TRNG and the silent observer”

ESP8266 with Arduino as a TRNG source

Digital radionics requires a true random number generator. The ESP8266 offer a read method for 0x3FF20E44 to access its own hardware random generator. It is generally used for cryptography. For radionics its another possibility for analysis using the a psychokinetic effect, replacing the stick plate. Our mind informs order and meaning into pure chaotic randomness.Continue reading “ESP8266 with Arduino as a TRNG source”

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