Does it make sense?

Radionics analysis (include also the pendulum if you wish) works with our consciousness, transcending the operators individual mind, connecting to a vast huge invisible field of information. But here comes the clue to success in radionics analysis: the question you formulate in your mind when searching for an answer requires one essential element. If theContinue reading “Does it make sense?”

Radionics analysis on effect of a potentized homeopathic remedy – Rosa canina

I analyzed my own energetic balance today and this was the result: Rosa canina has the biggest hit. I know this remedy, because during the last two years I tooked it a few times. It is a remedy against depression. Now after some time it reappeared in the analysis and I was curious what wouldContinue reading “Radionics analysis on effect of a potentized homeopathic remedy – Rosa canina”

Homeopathic coma remedies

Coma is the state of unrousable unconsciousness. There are cases where homeopathy was successfully used to help a coma patient to regain consciousness. Every case should be considered individually and a careful observation of the symptoms can lead to the similimum remedy. Note that the word “coma” may not mean the modern definition of aContinue reading “Homeopathic coma remedies”

Albert Abrams originally set out to disprove homeopathy

Albert Abrams originally set out to disprove homeopathy, but like many true scientists, he ended up converted: After much experimentation he found that a healthy person would percuss with the same “dullness” when a sample of diseased tissue was held against them. Abrams concluded that there was some kind of “radiation” from the tissue toContinue reading “Albert Abrams originally set out to disprove homeopathy”

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