Radionics “Remedy Maker” with Arduino Micro-controller and Processing Software

The source-code can be downloaded from the Github project Take a look at the LED definition. You need one for the coil and five for the LEDs. The coil is better combined with a LED, so you can visually determine if it works. The project is a work in progress. Stayed tuned for moreContinue reading “Radionics “Remedy Maker” with Arduino Micro-controller and Processing Software”

Hotbits from WebCam for the AetherOnePi

The latest version of the AetherOnePi contains a processing application which allows you to collect hotbits (TRNG) directly from your webcam. When you unzip the packages you will see a new processing folder. Inside there is a processing application which can be opened by doubleclicking if you have Processing installed. When you start the programContinue reading “Hotbits from WebCam for the AetherOnePi”

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