THEY know!

Do you experience sometimes these brief moments when you question everything, your faith, your religion, your scientific worldview, even your own existence? It happens to me occasionally. When it happens I welcome the moment and invest my time to clarify for myself if there is an aspect I need to adjust. It is wrong to suppress it. Instead it should be considered as a possibility to get more introspection into your own belief system and awareness of reality. Just let if flow!

I wonder how people feel and what they believe. Lately I thought a lot about “shadow governments”. These invisible elements of government seems to be real. In different books and websites people refer to them as “THEY“. Even in books about medicine some authors use alternative names to address the type of men THEY are. It is said that THEY are bound to the morphic field of the Actinides, the fungus, the organism which seems to be invisible. THEIR names are not known, because THEY don’t desire fame, but power. And power is achieved first inside oneself and then you expand your power to the outer world. Like a fungus THEIR desire for power and expansion seems endless, but in reality it is even more than pathological, it is evil.

The Bible tells us a little bit about THEM. They are called “kings” or “rulers”. This is interesting, because indeed THEY feel as if they have a born right to rule the world. Money and fame are just tools for THEM. When THEY want to change something, THEY use “magic”, or a technology most people don’t understand. Maybe it is not even real magic, but THEY know how to talk to people, at the right time, to the exact right person, in the exact order, and then the “magic happens”, THEY get what THEY desired.

In these brief moments when the flow happens, I wonder, do THEY know? I mean, do THEY know about the master plan? I bet THEY know! Maybe all started with an naive approach, with a lot of enthusiasm. In the beginning THEIR desire was to change the world, to heal it. But then THEY realized that this was never the intention of the spirit of the world, the so called “Weltenseele”, the soul of this world, or the air, the invisible element and the way of thinking.

In some way THEY are attracted to the ancient city Babylon. Mythology is really important to THEM. It is as if they already know that THEY play a key role in this world. And THEY know that the captain sinks with his ship. Actinides are aware of the decay, of the end of a system, when all possible strategies have been played through and no further moves are possible. This type of person prefers to drag other people into it instead of warning them. THEY might admit that they are wrong, that human beings are never able to rule themselves. But in their stubbornness and selfishness THEY drag down the whole of society. THEY call it a game, end game. After losing all sense of eternity, all they see is the end.

Not every fungus is visible to the naked eye. Some types of mushrooms expand underground and grow without anyone noticing. Fungi communicate with each other, they signal certain states (ready for expansion, warning intruders, need more proteins, need more water, sleep, need rest). Some organisms need to act in a coordinated manner to achieve their goal. Ants, for example, coordinate their ant wedding over great distances. Many hundreds of ant colonies simultaneously release their winged males and future queens. This guarantees that not all of them are eaten by birds. The mushrooms act in a similar way when they coordinate. This vote is not always verbal. It may be that this synchronization takes place on a deeper level.

Do these guys even know what’s in store for them? I think so. THEY are unable to hide it 100%. Instead, THEY let their intention shine through, as if THEY are proud to go under. THEY want to be right, that’s all THEY want. Even if THEY have to destroy the truth themselves to do so.

Published by isuretpolos

Author of the book "Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy" and the open source project AetherOnePi radionics.

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