Time is omnidirectional

There is is only the present, no past, no future. Time is omnidirectional, a kind of hologram. What we perceive as future, or the timeflow into the future, the linear direction of time, is only the realization or becoming aware of new informations, meanings, facts and truths.

Now this implicates that our consciousness depends on the continuance of gaining knowledge. If we stop gaining knowledge we simply die, we stop being conscious. We grow old and we die “gradually”, from the day we are born, because we do not continue to acquire knowledge. But what kind of knowledge do we need?

It may sound strange, but the problem is a collective one. You can tell this by observing how the collective reacts to certain key insights. What kind of books was burned? The Bible is the biggest example of all. There is no other book as the Bible which was attacked in such a brutal manner during human history. It must contain something crucial to the current state of mind of the entire collective consciousness, that people who tries to preserve the current state of control and evil feels threatened by it.

Other books which mentions just an aspect are attacked too. And you can tell, that they are all related to the aspect of “time is omnidirectional” and to the “continuing of gaining knowledge”. For example Rupert Sheldrake’s books mentioning “morphic resonance” was attacked by Nature magazine. Morphic resonance is a phenomena observed in nature that relates to nonlocality and also to a kind of entanglement between the past and the present. It points towards the existence of a spirit, invisible, which is able to “inform the formless”.

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky’s book “Worlds in Collision” and “Mankind in Amnesia” are also good examples how the collective reacts to efforts to make people “remember what we have forgotten”. Velikovsky’s ideas have been vociferously rejected. Wikipedia says: “Such was the hostility directed against Velikovsky from some quarters (particularly the original campaign led by Harlow Shapley), that some commentators have made an analysis of the conflict itself.”

Another and last example I want to mention is that of Wilhelm Reich. His books was burned twice, once in Third Reich Germany and also in the United States of America. On both sides fascists felt threatened by his research in the emotional armoring, a precondition for “good soldiers”. If you study the Third Reich carefully, you will encounter many details which was introduced in the “normal life” of the society in order to build up the emotional armor.

Reich’s research of orgone, Sheldrake’s morphic resonance, Velikovsky’s insight in an worldwide amnesia, all point in the direction of the content of the Bible and an “end time”. Many people who have studied end time eschatologies of different religions and cultures became aware of a change in human awareness of time flow. There will be a sudden change in our perception of time, from a linear time flow to a omnidirectional one. From this point in time (yeah, I know, we lack proper language tools to describe it), when we will become aware of the real nature of time, many elements of this system will not survive. Becoming aware of hidden secrets means to stop them at their roots. Corruption will not work anymore. People will just stop to attribute value to money. This will end an era of materialism, an era of linearity and apparent stability and for people who loved to exploit the system mechanics.

In movies this topic is thematized. The movie “Arrival” from 2016 is about humans’ linear perception of time which is radically changed by an alien encounter. Another interesting aspect is depicted in the movie “The Last Days of American Crime”, where in 2024, the U.S. government prepares to activate the American Peace Initiative (API) signal, a “synaptic blocker” that will prevent the population from breaking the law. NOTE: I do not recommend to watch this movie, because it was criticized to have unusual violent content (even for whom may be used to modern crime movies). And who does not know “Minority Report”, where the foreknowledge provided by psychics prevents crimes not already committed. There are many other movies which points towards a direction of foreknowledge, a change in perception of time and a sudden change in society and lifestyle.

Now if you consider how radionics was persecuted by FDA and other agencies around the world, you can hopefully understand the desperate attempts of consensus reality agents who acts out of fear to lose control over their so loved materialistic system. Maybe you even feel that we have reached a threshold where “nothing new under the sun” can be discovered, because a huge blockage inside the collective subconsciousness prevents further advancement in science. Since 1903 when Max Planck discovered quantum mechanics, science has not discovered any fundamental truths. As if something prevents to gain more knowledge about the nature of reality. Every new insight is blocked by individuals who claim to be part of a “skeptical community”, or people who claim to want us to be safe and healthy. Materialism is threatened by this knowledge, therefore immense investments of time, money and energy is involved in protective measurements.

This all did not remain at all hidden in darkness, because in art and literature it found its way from the collective subconsciousness into a web-based collaborative-fiction, known as the SCP Foundation. If you do not know what this is, then watch the introduction in youtube.

Some websites concentrate on the “consciousness as base of physical reality” thematic and mentions often the fact that time is “generated by the mind”.


Radioactivity is the Absence of Order and Consciousness
An alternative way to express ZERO
Consciousness is order and the source of energy
Biocentrism and Cosmology
What is Alternative Science?
A new form of matter – time crystals
Why time seems to go by more quickly as we get older
Physical reality becomes more stable with the time
Time is an emergent phenomenon that is a side effect of quantum entanglement
Quantum decision affects results of measurements taken earlier in time
The End of Time
Quantum Consciousness and Quantum Mind

I can imagine how it will be for someone who loves this life of egoism, corruption and crime, especially for whom is a hypocrite in its heart, when they become fully aware of everything and they cannot misuse anymore the system for their purpose. It must feel like a death sentence. Well, it is a death sentence for them, this is for sure, because if you will not be in resonance with eternity then, it will delete you from existence, as every lie will be dissolved and every institution based on the lie.

But every person who is in resonance with eternity and does not misuse his free will for a rebellious way of living will indeed live forever. When consciousness opens all its gates, removing all its filters, one also become fully aware of the new possibilities. It can be compared as if one survives a war and the new government provides enough resources to rebuild society. Not only that, you will be sure that never ever someone will misuse his free will to rebuild a egoistic system, because “the former things are gone”. Once the collective of humanity accepted the truth and the perception switched from linear to omnidirectional, then there will be no way back. This ensures everlasting peace.

We use radionics to “analyse and balance energies”, something we can do remotely, from a distance without physical contact. We may use it without to question its implications and without becoming aware that this is only possible because time and space are an illusion. Our perception will change. When we become aware of the true nature of time, there is also a calming effect on the mind. Put the pieces of the puzzle together. See for example that humans are more effective in problem solving when their mind is relaxed. Somehow we tune into an collective field and instead of using just one brain (our own personal gray matter between our ears), we use every brain (in the cloud). This type of collaboration should be the norm, not a special phenomena. Many phenomena then will become just as normal as sipping tea.

Instead people who refuse to get into resonance with the new reality will even loose their mind. Normal thinking will become impossible. The collective consciousness will be occupied by beings whose frequency is higher and unreachable for the “rebels”. This can be observed in the media too: movies and series about zombies, craziness and movies like the “Purge” are promoted and the demand seems to increase more and more. It is like they try to cope with the tension which is building up inside the collective subconsciousness. Or maybe they try to get more consensus for their old world system and their lower perception. As I wrote in a post “THEY know” there is a specific type of human beings who are indeed aware and refuse at the same time to switch over to the new frequency. They rather would love to see you get dissolved during the transition, than to tell you the truth.

I ask myself: will our new perception of time alter physical reality then? What do you think?

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Author of the book "Strange Phenomenons in Homeopathy" and the open source project AetherOnePi radionics.

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