Banned TEDTalk about Psychic Abilities | Russell Targ

Radionics remote analysis is a psychic ability, which is a natural ability everyone has. Indeed I believe that many human abilities are linked to this psychic ability, including what we call “intuition”. It may be an important factor in prevention of catastrophic events, especially in road traffic.

Remote viewing, just one of the many aspects of psychic abilities, is used by military of every nation. They would be stupid if they would deny such a phenomena and miss the advantage over all other countries. While in materialistic science psychic abilities has no place, especially because the paradigm just don’t allow “action at a distance” (well, they allow it only in quantum mechanics under extreme cold conditions).

Russell Targ is a physicist who spent several decades working in a US government program exploring “remote viewing”. This talk was originally slated as part of a TEDx event in 2013, but TED pulled their support when they learned about the subjects. Russell Targ is a physicist who spent several decades working in a US government program exploring “remote viewing” … as TED did with Rupert Sheldrake too. Typically for materialists.

A new format for the sessions

The transition from AetherOnePi Standalone version 1.0 towards AetherOnePi Server application version 1.1 will change a few things.

I plan to implement a kind of blog function for the sessions. Currently a session object in the database looks like this:

–> date
–> intention
–> description
–> list of analysis tables
–> list of broadcast events

What will change is that a session can have several data-blocks, similar to posts in a blog. Naturally this is only for private eyes and will not be served online. The purpose is to display the history of each session in a blog like fashion, with a title, notes, analysis charts and tables, broadcasts notes, images, and so on.

–> date
–> title
–> list of data-blocks
— –> intention or note
— –> image
— –> link
— –> analysis
— –> broadcast

Unfortunately this will break the format for the case objects and therefore one needs starts over with the targets-database. But I believe its better to implement it earlier while not too many are using the new version 1.1.

Please note that the version 1.0 (standalone) will be discontinued in favor of the development of the new 1.1 for the RaspberryPi 4.x.

How little things make a big difference

Recently I implemented a small feature into the new version 1.0.1 of the AetherOne Standalone Client, which consist in marking the row with the highest GV measurement.

I note that this small feature helps me to keep my focus on the analysis process and not to waste my energy on identifying the biggest GV of the entries relative to the GV of the target. The effect I noticed is, that I reach a lot bigger GV with a more accuracy.

When designing radionics devices or software, keep in mind that the design and functionality should aid to the focus and keep distractions as small as possible. The analysis process should feel like a smooth flow (workflow) and not like a hard work of concentration on several aspects. I try personally to implement insights and feedback from the community into the AetherOne project. Feel free to join the community and learn more about radionics.

Aetheric energy transformation – The underrated role of plants

A radionics practitioner finds an energetic stress zone and tries to balance it with a simple six / g or vortex form. Sometimes these stress zones are so severe, that a orgonite tower is necessary. But one aspect of nature is underrated, the role of plants in transforming bad energy into good energy.

Well known is the main role of plants, that of producing oxygen from carbon-dioxide and carbs for food. This is a so called “byproduct” of the plant and the word “byproduct” already shows that plants are generally underrated. But the structure of plants are fractal, self-similar, and they form with their roots perfect antennas. Beginning with ionizing air (negative air ions) which is very beneficial for health, towards the more subtle energies, they clean your surrounding for free. No need for radionics practice … at least on 99% where plants grows freely.

The main problem is cultivation without deeper knowledge. If you would leave an area untouched for at least one year, then you would notice that certain plants grows depending of the need of the persons who lives there.

cc by flagstaffotos [at]
Milk thistle (Carduus marianus)

Example: I have observed that the Milk thistle grows where people with alcohol problems lives. They just don’t grow only in their vicinity, they grow in front of their house, near the front door. They grow out of the asphalt, six feet high. Interesting is that the owners of the house tolerates the plant and don’t remove it.

Another example: Daisy (Bellis perennis) plants grows there where people has experienced a trauma, but don’t tell it to anyone. In contrast to Arnica the Daisy is a type of person who suffers in silence. I observed that people who are of this type have a garden full of daisies, so many that they form a white carpet. Once they get out of this energetic state, the daisies stop to grow in such a multitude.

Apparently the doctor and alchemist Paracelsus made this observation first. Did you make also a similar observation?

Radionics History – Duplicate rate entries

A radionics operator found in the early 90s duplicate rate entries in the De La Warr and Copen rate lists and got so frustrated he almost throw his radionics devices away. Indeed for some practitioner this is a huge problem. The lose their trust in the rate system or even in radionics. In the case of the mentioned operator, he discovered that the duplicate rates still works, thanks to his intention.

Why do people still believe in rates?

One of the main reasons is that the name “radionics” sounds like “radio” and “electronics”. The next logical conclusion is to associate “frequency” to radionics. And frequencies are set with knobs and knobs have dials with numbers. The fact that the early devices of Dr. Abrams was electronically absolute inaccurate is of zero interest for most radionics practitioners. And they still are inaccurate.

Rates are overrated!

Electronics has nothing to do with radionics. Radio has nothing to do with radionics either. The mind of the operator is the core engine of radionics. You can take a rate for bacteria 10.20.30 (just a virtual fake number) and broadcast it, but you broadcast your intention to eliminate the bacteria, not to enhance it. Or a duplicate rate … also 10.20.30 for Coffea cruda, a homeopathic remedy for insomnia, how does the radionics device know that this time Coffea is intended and not “bacteria”? It does not know, it knows nothing! The device is dead matter, a piece of wood. How then is it possible that radionics works? Again, the operator, the human being knows.

Get rid of the rates!

In order to unleash the power of radionics, we need to understand its metaphysical principles. Radionics is a spiritual science, not electronics. Rates makes sense for a certain type of device, when encoding a signature with numbers comes handy. But digital radionics does not need rates.

AetherOne Standalone Application

I’m currently working on a standalone version of the AetherOne, which means a software only digital radionics application, without external hardware. For analysis it uses the “virtual stick pad“, which is not a real stick pad and for sure it does not produce the “stick feeling“, but the results are great and accurate.

The broadcasting function uses the rate or signature embedded into graphical elements.

Multiple broadcasting is possible because the operator can open several of these virtual broadcasting units.

I plan August 2019 for a first release.

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