Recurrences of milk remedies during a radionics analysis

Mr. L (name changed) feels “forsaken“. This feeling is so severe, that he gets heart problems, strong palpitations. His doctor found nothing and sent him to the cardiologist, who also found nothing. “A healthy man!“, said the doctor.

Because Mr. L has a good knowledge about homeopathy, he repertorized his own condition and came to the conclusion that he needed Lac Vaccinum, which is nothing else than potentized cow’s milk. He took a C30/C200 double dose. After 18 hours his palpitations got better, but he felt pain in his bones, frost and nausea. He knew this symptoms: he once got nearly a septic condition due to an abscess. Now he felt exactly the same way.

Some hours later he came to visit me. He told me about his latest symptoms, but not that he took the homeopathic remedies. I proposed to make a small radionics analysis, just out of curiosity. But I made him promise to visit the doctor and make a proper blood analysis in their laboratory, because if he has again an abscess somewhere with the tendency to affect his blood, this would be really dangerous. I don’t treat humans, but just for the sake of metaphysical experimentation it is fine to perform a small radionics analysis.

I made two analysis runs. What you see in the first run are 3 hits in green. In the second run are 2 hits in green. But in both runs is one recurrence of Lac Felinum, cat’s milk. He didn’t told me about the Lac Vaccinum when he visited me, but after the analysis he look astonished to the screen. He could not believe his eyes. Mr. L is not really interested in radionics. He usually considers radionics as a little game, as a pastime, but not like a tool which helps one to achieve real results.

First run. Note the blue recurrence hit of Lac Felinum in both runs!
Second run (just two minute later, during the same analysis session).

Mr. L then pointed to one of the entries in the second run. There was the Septicaeminum nosode, attenuations made from contents of a septic abscess.

Well, I will visit my doctor tomorrow, again …“. I shook my head “No Sir, I drive you right now to the hospital, there is no time to lose!“. The doctor at the clinic made a blood test and he also suspected a beginning sepsis. Therefore the doctor gave him antibiotics. Mr. L stayed a few days in the hospital. When he came home he called me and told me that they also found an abscess in his pancreas, maybe due a chronic pancreatitis.

Looking back now to the radionics analysis protocols, guess what I found in the first run!?

Note that the rate list used has 1082 entries. A recurrence of one is at least worth a probability of one to a million (just the recurrence). And the fact that the entries in that combination and the context of the person’s condition forms a pattern and a meaning, is highly remarkable. Radionics analysis has a potential for the conventional medicine, when searching for a clue.

(Disclaimer: your health is your own responsibility. Don’t lose time with experimental radionics if you don’t feel well. Visit immediately a doctor … maybe visit him even a second and a third time if the doctor didn’t found anything at the first visit. They are humans after all. Better go straight to the hospital and tell them all your symptoms and ask for a proper blood analysis. By all the love for radionics or homeopathy, your health is very important. Just make sure that you get the best diagnosis and treatment! Take care of yourself!)

Recurrence of entries in Radionics Analysis

In radionics analysis you will encounter the phenomenon that certain rates or signatures will recur when you repeat the analysis for the same person, organism or area. This is of significance, because a pattern in time can have a deeper meaning. For this very reason I implemented a function in AetherOne that tracks repeating occurrences and displays it in the analysis screen.

For example during a post-mortem analysis of Srinivasa Ramanujan, a famous Indian mathematician who lived from 1887 till 1920, my goal was first to identify his constitutional remedy, which was of special interest because he was such a genius. Anyway, later on I tried to analyse the root cause for his death. We know from history that he was diagnosed tuberculosis and a severe vitamin deficiency. Eventually he died of tuberculosis and dysentery.

My analysis displayed Muriaticum Acidum as a recurring remedy. While all other remedies suggested asthma and bronchitis, which means a weakness in the lungs, Muriaticum Acidum has a more complete picture of a man who suffered a lot for trying to succeed (despite he was a genius). This remedy is known for a mind full of ideas and clarity, but then also for mental weakness. When I read the materia medica I become sad for how much this man has suffered. He was born during the wrong time. Just 50 years later and he would have been treated better than a rock star.

The probability for a recurring entry after many analysis during one session is not very high and therefore a distinctive pattern. This is a perfect example why digital radionics software is of great help. To create automatic protocols facilitates the analysis and enables the operator to search in the database for specific occurrences.

The Bare Minimum

James Gurney and other similar artists seems to prefer small canvas in order to concentrate on the elemental color and atmosphere in a scenery. The trick is to reduce what you have at your disposal and learn to focus on achieving the one task an artist can be proud of: to submit the impression they got when they saw for the first time a certain light.

Radionics can be overwhelming if you have an entire electronics laboratory at your disposal. Especially a beginner just don’t know where to begin. And what do you do with digital radionics, if you have the necessary skills to program several languages and develop programs for embedded computers? It is too much … and it does not benefit your creativity.

Back in the 1980s a subculture developed small applications for the Amiga 500, called the Demo-Scene. They tried to put as much as possible in just one 3,5″ floppy disk, about 720 kilobyte of space only. This scene today try to minimize everything in just 64 kilobyte. I admired these hackers for their passion and skills. It seems that they knew that by reducing everything, the creativity is forced to invent new ways.

In just 48 kilobyte a html website contains a radionics analysis program with a virtual stick pad and a broadcast function. What do you need more? Feel free to share the site, download if you want, and use it for experimental purpose. The rates are signatures from the Boericke materia medica.

Supplementary note:
Allan Moffatt created two own versions for analysis of acupuncture points for horses and dogs. Well done Allan!

Get rid of rats with radionics

I concentrate now only on the result of analysis, that I performed with the AetherOnePi software, using only the stick pad mode.

Take a look at the screenshot:

Intention: why are the rats here in this area?

Two entries in the analysis result and the area where we live have something in common: plum trees.
Plum is a fruit rats eat if there is no other food. And because it is a windfall fruit, they represent a last resort in the winter. For sure if my intention was to identify why rats are in this area, I must admit that the Clarke homeopathy list is not the best for this. But I made this analysis only for the sake of curiosity if the new stick pad mode works.

But one entry hit the point, it is Mentha Pulegium. Mint repels rats. Interesting, because I considered to plant some mint for using it as tea. This will definitely help. Radionics is an ideal tool to acquire knowledge of nature. Sure we can read books, but it is the best search engine I know so far.

Radionics and the virtual Stick Pad

To be independent of any extra peripheral hardware and use only a software is a great dream of many practitioners. One problem often mentioned is that it requires time and effort to build a device, like the AetherOne for Arduino or the AetherOnePi based on the RaspberryPi. So the need for an alternative solution is there and I admit that I would rather use only a software without a device in order to just get started. Later on one could begin to add extra hardware. But radionics is a spiritual art, it requires only the mind of the operator, his (or her) focused intention. The tool does not necessarily need to be a device. The word “device” means a tool which exhibits a function, helps to focus, helps one to analyse. And here comes the biggest problem in radionics: analysis

In order to be able to analyse I used hotbits (TRNG) deriving from an external hardware. The idea to use dedicated devices and upload the hotbits to centralized server exist. But it would be helpful only for few operators, because it cause costs for maintenance and traffic. Then I got the idea to use mouse movement, specifically the x and y coordinates of the mouse. In cryptography some software use the mouse movement as an random source too. When you move your mouse over the screen, the AetherOne software is able to track the position. For this reason I wrote an extension for AetherOne, a stick pad function, which is able to provide a really good alternative to the hotbits.

Back to the roots?
Not really. The physical stick pad is different. I consider the software stick pad as a fallback method, when one just have no true random number generator at hand. Even if it is really easy to build a AetherOne device (AetherOne for Raspberry or the new AetherOnePi), it is still difficult for some practitioners to “get their hands dirty” with electronics. On the other hand the virtual stick pad works.

The next step is to broadcast only using software.

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Does it work?

In my previous post I mentioned the fact that sometimes the hotbits or TRNG generated numbers can be altered by a silent observer like a indexing service of the operating system. But if you get a direct hit in analysis, you can be sure that it work.

My intention was to analyze why my dog is behaving as if he has no energy and doesn’t want to walk longer distances anymore. The analysis resulted in Cornus Florida, which is also known as “Dogwood“. The materia medica of dogwood mentions “Hands and feet swollen” and this gave me the idea to check his feet, if they are swollen. And indeed the poor dog hobbles a bit and when I inspected the soles of his paws, they looked like swollen. I broadcasted Dogwood C30 and C200. After a few days he got better and now he is running better than ever.

The next example is an analysis of a person’s energetic condition. It is remarkable because it shows only one hit (Kamala) after the general vitality check. And it is also remarkable of the repeating themes of Nicotinum and Tabacum, Abrotanum and Absinthium, all remedies which are used for skin conditions and worms.

I made repeatedly this experience, that every new radionics device or software requires a few days until it begins to show good results. Just give it enough time to accommodate to you.

Psychokinesis, TRNG and the silent observer

The mind alters chaotic random states and informs order and meaning. In radionics this is used for analysis, replacing the stick pad or the pendulum.

Until the true random numbers are observed, they remain in an undetermined state, where a bit is 1 and 0 at the same time. Only after being observed they collapse to a solid state and remain 1 or 0 permanently. This is due the nature of our reality which is based on consciousness.

One big problem is that the operating system can influence the TRNG or hotbits by observing them silently. This happens during indexing or defragmentation. While a indexing does not really “observe” as a mind of a human does, and it does not really consider or reflect on the fact if a 0 is a 0 and a 1 is a 1, it does for sure build up a index made of segments which represents patterns and their corresponding position of the data it reflects. This does for sure limit the possibilities or range in which a random number can be determined to. Example: a true random number range from 0 to 100. So your mind can determine it to be any number from 0 to 100. But if your computer evaluates this number and writes down that the number is not higher than 50, the possibilities are now limited virtually between 0 and 49. This is due the fact that somewhere on the computer a database exist that has noted this information and it can be evaluated afterwards (retroactively or retropsychokinesis).

In my case the analysis worked like a charm when it was performed on the RaspberryPi, because the Linux operating system is not invasive by indexing all data (only if you tell it to index them). But on my bigger personal computer with Windows 10 as operating system it began to evaluate the data as soon as it was written on the harddisk. Additionally the program I used to write the software was indexing the hotbits data too. So there was a limitation to the range of the TRNG hotbits. And I can prove this, because the General Vitality produced repeated patterns of numbers like 622, 942, 699 which appeared on every analysis. This means the true random numbers are of no value (or less value) with the “silent observer”.

How to prevent a silent observer?
Its all about settings and knowledge of your operating system. Store TRNG or hotbits in a folder where the OS knows that it is not allowed to look into. This becomes difficult with Windows, but on a Linux or Mac system its easier. Another way is to produce TRNG on the fly, in realtime and avoid the silent observer problem.

Scam in the world of Radionics

Deception becomes possible when potential victims lack knowledge and trust blindly or fear to question the so called “experts” in the field. Remember dear reader, ALWAYS QUESTION and ALWAYS SCRUTINIZE … because it is your right to do this!

In Germany there was a company which sold bioresonance devices, apparently able to scan the body and analyze the health state of each organ and tissue. It came out that the interface between the computer and the device did not send any data. So what was the device good for? It was just a black box with no function at all. The software used a database with clinical historical data and made a “guess” including the age and sex of the patient. In reality the electrode which the patient should hold in his hands did not measure anything. Their function was to create an illusion of a medical device. It was sold in many pharmacies, made millions … and typically they was used to sell specific products like overly expensive supplements.

Bioresonance is nothing else than radionics, but the devices simulates medical devices in their appearance (and cost). Producer of such devices knows that the normal laymen just don’t question the real functioning of these devices. They spend their money because they have money. Frauds are people with no conscience, arrogant, egoistic, criminals, hypocrites. And their damage to radionics is worse than you can imagine. The FDA and other organisations became aggressive in attacking radionics thanks to multiple frauds from the bioresonance field. … and thanks to the lack of knowledge from so many people who just trusted the men in white coats.

A real radionics device uses for analysis phenomena like psychokinesis which informs a chaotic state deriving from a TRNG (true random number generator), or using a pendulum or stick pad. The broadcasting is performed ritually through the operator and not through a scalar wave thing which sounds overly scientific. The production of a radionics device is never so expensive that a person needs a loan to buy it. And there are no secrets … so ask questions.

How to recognize scam in the field of radionics?

First of all know the real thing and you can recognize by this all frauds easily. But what is real radionics? Knowing the history of Dr. Abrams is very helpful to have a clear concept of radionics. Some books descripe radionics as what they really are, for example “The Secret Art” and “21st Century Radionics”.

Second, if you ask questions and the answer is supposed to scare you in order to not ask more questions, then you have with a high probability a fraud in front of you. Dogmatism is typical for frauds! Arrogance is typical for frauds! Maybe a genuine radionics device maker could follow the wrong path in his research, but they don’t act like a pope on his throne.

Third, frauds use camouflage for their devices and in their language. Everything needs to look very scientific and medical. White boxes, many buttons, a logo with green letters (medical), a name which sounds so advanced, and they don’t allow you to open their devices! In describing how these devices works, they use pseudoscientific vocabulary, in order to scare people not to ask more. Quantum bla, quantum information, quantum communication, quantum here and quantum there. You will here the word quantum a lot from these people, because they know that most people associate quantum theory with the most difficult part of physics which a scientist ever could study. Quantum mechanics is easy and who study modern physics in university will learn it right from the beginning. But frauds studies their victims and they know how they react on hearing words like “quantum, experts, scientific”. Don’t believe that victims of such frauds was only laymen, even doctors of conventional medicine fell in the trap of their scam.

Radionics is a phenomena of the base of reality, a phenomena of consciousness itself. It is a spiritual art. Unfortunately this world is not ready for it. I believe that we need to wait another 100 years. Until then it will remain in the underground.

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