Basic Concepts of Radionics & Psychotronics Nick Franks interviewed by Luc Sala

An interview of Nick Franks describing some of the basic ideas and concepts behind Radionic and Psychotronic thinking, techniques and instruments.

A case of Lac caninum

A 50 years old woman asked for an analysis of her health state. She complained about problems with irregular and copious menstruation, a beginning state of menopause with heat sensations, involuntary urination during night when she dreams about urinating, and a rash on her foot along the bladder meridian.

The radionics analysis with the AetherOne shows an interesting pattern:

First the most prominent hit was on Lacticum acidum, which is milk acid. This remedy is known for all varieties of sourness in the body and aggravation when drinking milk and sour food. It is a hit for the rash on extremities too. But when I searched for “urinates night dream” in Reference Works the only remedy was Lac caninum. And indeed Lac caninum is a perfect match for her personality and emotional state. (I always check my radionics analysis against the materia medica, as Arthur Hill Grimmer did).

But what also showed up is a pattern of 3 “oils” or liquids, which are in some way connected to the Lac remedy: Guaiacum, Oleum Animale and Petroleum. Guaiacum was used in form of oils in soap and perfumery. She owns a herbalist shop and sells a lot of products for the skin. Petroleum is a main ingredient in vaseline. And Oleum Animale is a oil extracted from the bones of animals with an unpleasant smell. It is used to repel insects.

Take a look on the rash, it looks almost as if they are caused by the bite of insects.

Another remarkable hit is Oxydendron, with a distinct relationship towards sourness.

Regarding Lac caninum, they have the feeling that they need to “perform”, but ultimately they cannot improve their status because of social restrictions. This is the situation in many countries today, as in Italy, where people try their best to improve their economic situation, but they know that they live in a country where corruption and criminal organisation will eventually hinder them to achieve their goals. Jurgen Becker says that it is a remedy for many “African-American blacks”, who suffers from the delusion to be “looked down upon”. The movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” with Will Smith demonstrates the dramatic dilemma of many people living in this situation where the social system around us impose this kind of restriction. Therefore I believe also that Chininum sulphuricum as second hit is a good match to the entire situation in relation to Lac caninum. Chininum, China or Cinchona, is a malaria remedy. Malaria represents exactly this state of restriction, where people live in a war-zone. You can do your best, but at the end the war will destroy what you have achieved.

Absolutely exaggerating – Quassia amara

From the family of the Sapindales and the sub-family of Simaroubaceae, I have encountered a great example for Quassia amara, a homeopathic constitution for children who loves to exaggerate. They will tell you that a small single-engine aircraft like the Cessna 172 costs millions of millions of dollars and they will tell you this absolutely convinced of the facts. If you ask them questions about something, they will use the word thousands and millions and billions a lot of times.

Maybe they do this because “they feel unappreciated for their contribution, for who they are” (see Simaroubaceae) and “they feel not seen in their glory, in their brilliancy as they are not admired enough“. Qjure explains the Sapindales as “the theme of a rigid society, where everything is fixed, laid out and unchangeable. But there is a drive to break out of the system, to overcome the limitations.

Exaggeration is a way to attract attention for their “specialness“. Naturally every human being is special. Never deny a child the proper attention they need.

Other remedies which loves to “exaggerate”
The complete radionics analysis

Analysis of a Barium Carbonicum Woman

An elderly woman approached me, very timid, asking for help. She gets frequently throat inflammations and tiredness from just a little physical work. She looks typically like Barium carbonicum constitution, with an immature aspect on all levels (like an old child), very timid and a skin with fine wrinkles. I knew that she needed Barium carbonicum as constitutional remedy. But the first radionics analysis didn’t show this remedy on the top of the list. Rather it was the last one. But from a rate list of 1082 entries divided by 20 it is a chance of 1:54. When I include the probability calculation that the hotbits chose this one remedy 76 times, then you need to multiply 54 by the power of 76, which is a real high number. But you need to relativize this result, because there are at least other 20 entries with an higher score. Anyway, the synchronicity is exceptional when you know the context. Take a look at the entries. They have almost all of them prominent aspects of weakness and throat problems. One of them is Lac Vaccinum Defloratum, a remedy known for reducing mold and Candida. And she emailed me after a few days that she was diagnosed to have a “Candida problem“. Indeed she even mentioned it some years ago, that she was afraid of having Candida infection in her throat. The Candida is normally only present in the gut flora. But when this yeast leaves his primary living space it causes only problems. Lac vaccinum corrects this problem.

Scanning Areas in AetherOnePi – work in progress

We are getting close to the main feature of the version 1.1 of the open source radionics software AetherOnePi, the agriculture or area balancing. On a map you can draw a rectangle which is then divided into 64 grids (8×8). When clicking on the Scan Button the analysis begins. Each grid receives a “AnalysisResult” object with complete scan for general vitality.

As foreseen, the scanning of so many grids requires quit a lot of time. So it is not a function which can be used for a fast scan. But it is a lot faster than scanning manually. With time I will implement options for reducing the grids or set your individual amount.

Spiderman in the house

If you’re into homeopathy and the study of the essence of each remedy in the materia medica is a real joy for you, then you should really check out radionics as a tool for getting deep insights into the nature of every single remedy, especially the lesser known ones.

In my house I have a lot of spiders, mostly cellar spiders. They are really useful for keeping mosquitoes away (or eating them) and they don’t disturb me in any way. So I’m fine having them hanging around.

But also in my vicinity there is a new friend, with a character that I have never seen yet. I mean, with more than 2 decades of experience in homeopathy you start to recognize patterns and constitutions and you begin to learn to identify them easily just by observing their behavior. And yet I have always the feeling I’m just beginning to learn. This friend of mine is different from everyone else I have met. Once I told him that I would write a book about him, just as a joke, but now I’m sure he is at least worth a post in my blog.

With his permission I analysed him with radionics. The result is rather interesting, as he is too. Note the first entry, Naja, it is a snake. Well yes, snakes are fascinating animals. But at the row 12, the entry with the highest general vitality check, is a spider, Aranea Scinencia. Both snakes and spiders has something in common, ecdysis, they grow by changing their skin.

The other remedies in the list are related to Naja and Aranea too, but mostly superficial or on physical level, like for example Digitalinum and Naja, both have problems with the heart and pulse, or Naja and Urinum regarding the bladder, and so on.

But Aranea is so interesting. One source on the web, (which is sadly put on rest since 2016), explains the most prominent characteristica of spiders. Despite of the fact that most people literally hates spiders (as they are afraid of snakes too), the core feeling of spiders remedies is that of demeaning and humiliation. They will do everything then to overcome this deep feeling of not being welcome. Even flies have this feeling. When they enter your house, the first thing most people do is to kill them or remove in some way from your space. Flies have the tendency to be annoying. They fly towards your head a few times whenever they try to get out of the room. Indeed I have observed this behavior frequently. These little insects knows that when they fly towards your head and face you will eventually open a window. No joke.

Similar spiders have this tendency to be annoying if you enter their territory. They will show you who is the boss. And spiders loves “practical jokes” in order to prove that they are in control. They do this with their victims. My friend showed these patterns when he made his frequent practical jokes and when we played cards. He knew how to lure the opponent in order to hand him over the desired cards. His strategy is like weaving a web. He sets a trap, knowing well his victims by observing. Spiders have a lot of eyes, each pair within a specialized spectrum of light and velocity of reaction.

Another funny observation: he always wears red or blue pullovers or shirts. He even does not own any other color. Not that he cannot afford to buy new clothes, but he likes the primary colors. Some spiders are rather colorful, like the peacock spider.

The analysis was performed with the AetherOnePi, which is open source and free software. You can download it here.

George Berkeley and Idealism

Berkeley is known for the term “immaterialism”, which is the theory that denies the existence of material substance and instead contends that familiar objects like tables and chairs are only ideas in the minds of perceivers and, as a result, cannot exist without being perceived, an idea which reminds of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics. The use of the concepts of “spirit” and “idea” is central in Berkeley’s philosophy. As used by him, these concepts are difficult to translate into modern terminology. His concept of “spirit” is close to the concept of “conscious subject” or of “mind”, and the concept of “idea” is close to the concept of “sensation” or “state of mind” or “conscious experience”.

The AetherOnePi Protocol

One of the most important and useful features of the new AetherOnePi radionics software is the protocol. It may seem a small function, but it will help to gain insight into a case and to monitor the progress.

It displays the case, the title and description, and each session has its own block, with an intention and description. The analysis is inserted also inside a session block, as the broadcasted element too. Each block has a date and time stamp, which are generated automatically.

A small session details form appears on each site of the application, allowing the practitioner to type in his thoughts and analysis results. I plan to implement a PDF export for the protocol, so that they can be send via Email or WhatsApp to the clients.

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